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Why Brands should be using Facebook to Market:

Lets begin with a simple question... Do you have a Facebook Business Page?
Recently we've been finding out that many Businesses and Brands aren't representing themselves adequately in the online sphere, and to tell you the truth it's  imperative that you do, especially in this day and digital age.

Facebook is the best and cheapest way to advertise your business both locally and worldwide. People interact with brands on Facebook much more than other social networks and right now there are over 350 million global Facebook users and counting.

Don’t underestimate the effect a Facebook presence will have on your Business - Think about the capability to enhance productivity, give your business a tone and voice and secure the future of interaction with customers.
We are going to let you in on a few reasons why it is so essential to advertise your business on Facebook. 

In every kind of Business it's vital to know who your target market is - Their age group, demographics, location, their likes, dislikes and basically what they want from you or your Business. Facebook can help you with that by consolidating user information under unique filters and displaying the statistics impressively within your insights tab. Remember to Interact with these customers so they may interact with you.

Your marketing strategy is an important component when starting up your Facebook page.  A study put together by Sysomos calculated of 600,000 Facebook fan pages only 4% of pages have 10,000 or more active fans—and only 76% have 100,000 or more. Therefore it’s critical to focus your Facebook strategy on activating the fans you have, not just collecting them.

Facebook will also have a significant influence on your Search Engine Optimization, the more information and content you post the more your rankings on search engines will increase and therefore direct more traffic to your website or Social Media platforms…Trust us, you want that!

It’s crucial to always be ahead of your Facebook competition. Once your Facebook page is booming with content and a wildly active customer base there is no way your competing brands stand a chance. That’s why it’s so essential to offer what your competition isn’t… incentives, promotional campaigns and contests . Statically 57% of people like a brand on Facebook because they want discounts and promotions. What’s great about that is you can set the limit with regards to budget requirements and what you're prepared to offer

If you are a small, medium or even a large company and you are not present on any kind of Social Media platform, especially Facebook you are missing out on a great opportunity to grow your business.
69% of Facebook users want to hear from some brands more than others - So make yours the hot topic!

We at Decimal Agency understand the power of business platforms on Social Media and we can provide you with the best advertising and Social Media strategies as well as put your business on the Social Media on the map when it comes to SEO and brand recognition.
So when it comes to building a brand, our strategic and creative thinking will provide only the best of the best in Digital Advertising
Friday, 26 February 2016
Posted by Tess Minnaar

Decimal Approves This Movie - X-Men Apocalypse

Why do we approve this movie? Since it's the 9th Installment of X-Men we just can't say no to watching this film on the 9th May (Release date). The Visual effects look incredible and Jennifer Lawrence back again as Mystique definitely makes this a 2016 movie to watch!
Wednesday, 24 February 2016
Posted by Tess Minnaar

Decimal Approves This Movie - Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice

Why do we approve this movie? Firstly we are all dying to see whether Ben Affleck can actually pull off playing the role of Batman and secondly we are just super keen to watch Batman & Superman fight it out on the big screen.
Thursday, 18 February 2016
Posted by Tess Minnaar

Decimal Approves This Movie - The Jungle Book

Why do we approve this movie? It's not only because Scarlett Johansson plays the sultry voice of Kaa the snake but also because this Disney movie takes us all the way back to our childhood, which for some of us is a long damn time ago. Click the video above to watch.
Tuesday, 9 February 2016
Posted by Tess Minnaar

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