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The Art of the Viral Content

First and foremost there will never be a hard and fast way to make content go viral, yet, there is content that receive millions of views a year. So what is the secret behind creating a viral phenomenon?

Viral content engages a consumer and then gets them to share the content- particularly on social networks. If you can create content with mass appeal or speak directly to a niche market you are on the right track to creating a viral success.

Here are some of our tips to creating, not only viral, but great content.
1.     Make your content funny, light hearted, fun or silly and people will be more likely to share it.
2.     Content that strikes an emotional nerve, be it positive or negative, will create more of a desire for consumers to share it.
3.     Make people stop and think.
4.     Make your content jaw dropping. Absolutely incredible content is something people cannot resist sharing.
5.     Don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

Check out for a list of the top viral campaigns of all time to see how these brands got it so right .
Friday, 16 January 2015
Posted by Kirsten

Behind the scenes with #JoltJeans

 We were given the task to create a new and engaging campaign for Soviet’s new Hybrid Fit Flex denim- #JoltJeans.

 We needed to capture the movement and versatility of the #JoltJeans while keeping it stylish and real- true to Soviet's Brand.

 The Result:  Amanda Reynolds and Shogn Lee came together in a classic battle that showcases the flexibility and functionality of the #JoltJeans.

 Check out the Video Here

Monday, 12 January 2015
Posted by Kirsten

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