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Getting Direction with Jarred Leslie

Jarred Leslie, Decimal Agency’s Senior Art Director, opens up about his passion for creativity and art, and tells us about getting lost in nature.

According to, advertising is the act or practice of calling public attention to one’s product, service or need.

For Jarred Leslie, Senior Art Director at Decimal Agency, advertising is much more than that. To him, creative advertising is the soul of branding a business. And without creativity, that advertising might be bland and insignificant.

Leslie says “Our clients come to us for the design and development of campaigns that will sell their services. We use creativity and strategy to come up with the best message in order to achieve this.”

Sitting down with Leslie, I am a little shocked that such a young, obviously-trendy man has so much knowledge about the industry. Leslie has a bubbly personality, something you would expect of somebody that is in advertising. His passion for creative excellence is very apparent as we discuss his love for all things artistic, creative and advertising-related:

Tell me something interesting about Jarred Leslie that the average person would not know?

I love the outdoors and living on the edge. Apart from my passion for advertising, I love extreme sports, especially Motorbike riding. In order to fuel my adrenaline-addiction, and strangely to escape the pressures of everyday life, I try to ride on- and off-road as much as possible. I find it clears my head and prepares me for the week ahead.

What do you love about the advertising industry?

Advertising is a very social, relationship-based industry. I love meeting with people and helping them grow their business in a creative, artistic way. Each client has a story, and I love bringing that story to life. Also, there is never a dull day in advertising: every day presents a new challenge.

What do you do at Decimal Agency?

I manage Decimal’s design team to ensure that the creative work we do for our clients meets their specific requirements. I also ensure that the work is on par with my highest standards: I don’t approve work that I wouldn’t want for my own company. However, I don’t agree with backseat driving, so I try to do as much as I can from a design and strategy perspective, while still giving my team the creative freedom to explore their own ideas.

What do you do FOR Decimal Agency?

Being an Art Director is more than just managing a team of creatives. It is about building relationships with clients, earning their trust and advising them on the best artistic direction for their Marketing communication. I also work hard to inspire my team to grow, explore and be better than their best.

What tools do you use in your career to achieve your goals?

Apart from the obvious creative programs and design equipment, I find that time management is probably the most important tool for me. I have a lot to get through in one day, meeting clients and reviewing work, so managing my time and following a concise diary is essential. I also believe in doing research in order to ensure that I am aware of what our clients’ competitors are doing, what the trends in the industry are and what new innovations there are that will help improve our service.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

I get inspiration from various mediums, but the thing that makes me think more creatively than anything else is being challenged with a new concept, or cracking an old problem. My colleagues help a lot with this: as much as I try to inspire them each day, they challenge me to grow and be better too. We learn from each other on a daily basis. Of course, a nice smoothie also helps every now and again.

In your opinion, what was the best campaign you headed, and who was it for?

The 2014 Soviet Summer Campaign was by far the most exciting campaign I have been part of. I learned a lot with that campaign. We traveled to Tzaneen and did a photoshoot in the forest. In order to add some authenticity to the shoot, I brought along a Honda 1977 750 4-stroke motorbike. It is a classic and added just that extra zing we needed for the campaign. However, on my way to the location, I got lost and missed the shoot. Luckily I had briefed the team the previous day, and everything went smoothly without me. It just goes to show: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

What are the 5 things you do that benefit Decimal Agency’s clients?

- I am courteous and always make sure I listen to the client’s needs and requirements
- I am spontaneous, which means I try new things often. This keeps my work and ideas fresh and trendy
- I go beyond the call of duty to ensure our clients are more than happy with our service and the work  we deliver
- I under promise and over deliver: breaking a promise just to look good isn’t what I am about. I prefer surprising or clients with great work that turns heads and makes sales
- I meet deadlines. There is nothing worse than missing a client’s deadline. Advertising is about timing, and meeting that expectation is a very important requirement to being a good Art Director.

Where do you see Decimal in 5 years?

If we can maintain the pace at which we are growing now, I see Decimal Agency becoming one of South Africa’s leading advertising agencies. We have a lot of potential, and a lot of passion. That’s all you need to succeed.

Friday, 27 November 2015
Posted by Minimoo

Here’s What We Can Do!

  • Above The Line Advertising
  • Below The Line Advertising
  • On The Line Advertising
  • Strategies
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Conceptualising

These are just a few of the thing we CanDo to turn your business from good into better, and better in to best.

But Decimal Agency feels that we CanDo even more than that. We can make a difference in other people’s lives, and we can spread some joy over the festive period. That’s why we have started our own “CanDo” initiative.

From 18 November to 18 December 2015, we are collecting cans of food for those in our community that are less fortunate than us. We would like to do all we CanDo to collect as many cans as we can. We have even instructed our staff to donate a can of food for every day they come into the office. And, what seems like a small act each day, can potentially do great things.

Here’s What You CanDo:

If you want to get involved in this project, you can bring a can of food every time you visit Decimal Agency. Canned dog food, canned vegetables, canned meat, canned soup, even canned aliens. Whatever you want,you can bring it here. Or, if you can, you can donate a case of cans (or more) to our “CanDo” initiative.

At the end of the year, we will donate these cans to a registered charity of YOUR choice:

The Johannesburg Children’s Home (
Ark Animal Shelter - Puppy Centre (
Johannesburg Dream Centre (
SPCA Johannesburg (

You can tell us which is your preferred charity, and we’ll make sure they get your donation.


Kindest Regards;

Decimal Agency
Friday, 20 November 2015
Posted by Brey

Advertising Rewards its Sharpest Spears

12 November 2015 - DMASA honours South Africa’s most creative and inspiring 2015 Direct Marketing campaigns.

Recognised as one of South Africa’s most prestigious Direct Marketing awards, the Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards celebrates innovation, creativity and strategy within the direct marketing industry.

Launched in 1998, The DMASA (Direct Marketing Association of South Africa) recognised the need for a high-profile event that would not only honour excellent work, but would also provide the Direct Marketing Industry with networking opportunities and informative workshops. The name was chosen to symbolise the ability to aim and find your target successfully.

From the start the awards show proved to be very successful, and has now grown to accept over 260 entries, and hosts over 60 judges.

“Direct Marketing is a vibrant and innovative industry,” says David Dickens, head of DMASA. “Direct Marketing stretches far beyond coupons and mail shots. In fact, the challenges with the post office has pushed the creativity of the industry out of the box.” 

However, quantity did not affect quality this year, as many of the judges ruled the results phenomenal:

“I would say that if we get our timing right and enter into the equivalent of the Assegai Awards in the USA (The Echo Awards), we would walk away with many awards.” noted Winnifred Knight, an Advisory Board Member of the Direct Marketing Association in India. 

With the quality of work, a number of entries received honourable nods. However, the big winners of the evening included Gloo@Ogilvy with 9 gold, 6 silver, 4 bronze and 3 leader awards; Demographica walked away with 5 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze awards.

In addition, Liquorice / Publicis Africa not only took home 7 awards, but also received a nod for the highest overall rating - The Nkosi Award.

Emily Shaw, Digital Strategist at Liquorice boasted: “We are surprised, but delighted at being awarded this honour. However, if it were not for brave clients we would not be in this position.” 

Highlights included the much anticipated and highly competitive company awards with Gloo@Ogilvy receiving “Agency of the Year”, Standard Bank taking “Brand of the Year”, Elizabeth Lee Ming winning “Direct Marketer of the Year”, and Darryl Joubert from Intimate Data chosen for the “Hall of Fame” award.

This year, an additional award, “The Black Spear”, was also added for those entries that achieved more than 94%, with 4 different agencies receiving one each.

All entries were individually scored by an expert panel of judges and the final scores were audited by an independent auditor.

With the standards set, Decimal Agency has accepted the challenge to submit its work for next year’s Assegai Awards. An Assegai Award does not give honours for extravagant production values or enormous budgets. Rather, it recognises breakthrough strategy, creative brilliance and outstanding results in all Direct Marketing media, from mail and print to digital, from mobile to broadcast. It rewards effective, measured marketing.

These are the core-values with which Decimal Agency creates each of our winning campaigns for each of our clients. And while we don’t do it to earn prestigious awards (your success is award enough for us), recognition for hard work is always appreciated.
Thursday, 19 November 2015
Posted by Minimoo

Decimal: Are You Feeling Lucky?

Well, are you?

If you suffer from Paraskevidekatriaphobia (a fear of Friday the 13th), then 2015 must have been a particularly bad year for you. However, with Friday the 13th happening thrice this year, you are not the only one feeling a little unlucky... And it's happening again this Friday!

Friday the 13th can evoke fear among the public, causing people to avoid doing things they would normally do. This includes big activities, like getting married, or more medial things, like going to work. This has an adverse effect on sales, especially for the travel and events industry. According to online statistics, business revenue in America can drop by as much as $900 million on this day.

Unless you’re in the film industry, or selling rabbit’s feet, Friday the 13th might not be a good day for your business.

How It All Started:

While history is a bit unclear about how the superstition started, we do know that it has been around for a while now. In fact, the number 13 has been considered cursed across the world for thousands of years. The number 12 is historically considered the number of completeness, while its older cousin, 13, has been seen as an outlier. There are 12 months of the year, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 hours of the clock, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 Descendants of Muhammad Imams, among many incidences of the pattern historically.

Friday the 13th was also discussed in the popular 2003 novel, The Da Vinci Code. In the book, a connection is drawn between the slaughtering of the Knights Templar by the Church and Friday the 13th. Historically, the arrest of Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, did occur on Friday, Oct. 13, 1307, however the association between Friday the 13th and bad luck is thought to be a modern interpretation of the event.
Even Wall Street has had a bit of bad luck on Friday the 13th. In Oct. 13, 1989, Wall Street saw, what was at the time, the second largest drop of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in history. The day was nicknamed the Friday-the-13th mini-crash.
These days, the number 13 can have a huge impact on regular life too: some buildings don’t have a 13th floor, while some cities don’t even sport a 13th street. Airports don’t have a 13th gate, and even the medical profession won’t stand for a Room 13.

Turning Your Luck Around:

Luckily, South Africans aren’t that concerned about the superstition, and it doesn’t impact on the economy too much. However, Decimal has a few ideas on how you can turn this day of bad luck into a massive marketing opportunity.

  1. Offer a lucky discount of 13% on all purchases instore
  2. Hide a lucky omen in your store, and publish clues on where to find it on Twitter and Facebook. The person who finds it, wins a lucky prize.
  3. Feature Friday the 13th related products on your Social Media sites. These can include items such as umbrellas, black clothing, etc.
  4. Donate 13% of your to a charity organisation - somebody will be feeling very lucky
  5. Feature an “unluckiest winner” contest online, where the person with the unluckiest day wins a grand prize.
  6. Have a lucky draw with 13 winners from different stores, or different clients.
  7. Offer a Baker’s Dozen special where the customer gets a 13th product free.

Of course, with Decimal you’ll never have to experience an unlucky day with your business. We use creativity, passion and knowledge to turn threats into opportunities, and bad luck days into the best day of the month.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015
Posted by Minimoo

Decimal: Getting In with LinkedIn

Networking: the simple act of making and nurturing connections with a group of people we socialise with, share resources with or who help us enhance productivity. Well, it used to be simple.

Before Social Networking, our “network contact sheet” consisted of our family, neighbors, friends and a few acquaintances we met through our cousin. If you were really high up in the business chain, it might have consisted of a rolodex containing various business cards from potential business partners you met at a networking do.

Then came online Social Networking: First AOL and Live Journal, then more complicated systems like MySpace and Facebook. Whatever it was called, it changed the meaning of “getting your name out there” completely.

Since its start in 2003, LinkedIn has become the largest Business Social Network in the world. LinkedIn boasts over 380 million users, and is growing with 2 new users each second. LinkedIn reaches over 200 countries and territories, with each user visiting the site for an average 17 minutes per visit. LinkedIn also has over 1 billion endorsements…

Sounds a bit better than a rolodex, doesn’t it…

The point is this: If your business is going into 2016 without an active LinkedIn profile strategy, then you should probably get out your rolodex and give Decimal Agency a call.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your business if you do:

  1. Finding Qualified Prospects for Your Business: By reviewing the contact lists of your current clients (and friends, if you want to be cheeky) you might find a few good leads. Ask your clients if they would be willing to forward a recommendation email to them. Minimise your client’s effort by writing and designing the mailer yourself. Not only will it grow your word-of-mouth business, but your client might also be pleasantly surprised by your emailer.
  2. Expanding Your Marketing: By using your LinkedIn profile, you have a big opportunity to increase the reach of your current marketing efforts. Not only is it the perfect platform to reach a group of individuals interested in you and your business, but it is also an effective way of building positive relationships with them. LinkedIN is an excellent communications platform, helping you keep your current and potential clients updated with your latest moves.
  3. Developing Your Contact Network: Once you are registered with LinkedIn, you can send everyone you know a personalised message, inviting them to connect with you. The personalised message allows you to remind them where you met, and how you are connected already. You can also give them good reason why building a closer relationship with you will benefit both your businesses. You can also import contacts from your other Social Media platforms, as well as your email networks. Join in on the thousands of relative discussions on LinkedIn too. This will attract attention to potential clients too, and will show them you are really interested in staying up to date with what is happening in your industry.
  4. Creating Additional Marketing Opportunities: LinkedIn offers many offline marketing opportunities. Not only does it provide opportunities for speaking engagements and media appearances, but the people who follow you will have access to your blogs, podcasts and videos - whatever other marketing platforms you can’t fit on your business card.
  5. Making Sure Your Company Website is Current and Up-to-date: In order to run a successful LinkedIN account, you need to have a dedicated team that will ensure responsiveness and interaction. You will need the latest technological hacks in order to show your followers how dedicated you are to your trade - Decimal Agency has a dedicated Social Media team that ensures your profile always looks good and is always displaying the latest news, trends and finds.

The current trend in business is using LinkedIn to find qualified, interested prospects that will be interested in your business. And visa versa… This is not about to change anytime soon, and if you want to continue to grow your business, using this powerful platform is definitely advised. Talk to Decimal Agency today about setting up your LinkedIn profile and watch your business become an online Socialright!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015
Posted by Minimoo

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