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Decimal's #FashionFridays: The August Review

Here at Decimal Agency, we work incredibly hard – but we’re also a very close-knit team that loves to have a bit of fun – after all, it certainly helps to get those creative juices flowing… hence the creation of our office #FashionFridays. Every week we all dress up according to a specific theme, and the person who wins ‘best dressed’, as voted by the team, gets to pick the theme for the following week. Below, we take a look at Decimal’s #FashionFridays of August. Enjoy!

Week 1: Sporty / Gym-Wear

Along with some super stylish athleisure outfits, there was also plenty of energy in the office on this particular #FashionFriday. Despite everyone’s best efforts, it was Ryan who took the gold and walked away victorious.

Week 2: Pyjamas

Life in the office had never been so cosy! It’s safe to say that this was a #FashionFriday that everyone enjoyed. In terms of the winner, it’s pretty obvious – Rafa, hands down! Just look at that koala bear onesie!

Week 3: Rappers

Check out those gangsta vibes. However, nobody could quite live up to Jarred’s interpretation of Mzekezeke.

Week 4: Nerds

Taking our inspiration from The Big Bang Theory, the majority of the office embraced this theme and pulled it off rather effortlessly. Ultimately, Dom was the winner… those glasses, that tie… Perfection!

Stay tuned for more updates about our fabulous #FashionFridays. Who knows what we’ll wear next?

Wednesday, 31 August 2016
Posted by Bianca Delport

How Local Businesses Have Capitalised on the Craze that is Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is by far the biggest craze to hit South Africa since hover-boards and Netflix, despite the fact that it has yet to be officially released in our country. Even if you aren’t playing the game yourself, we bet that you know all about it – and so do local businesses, big and small.

When it comes to crazes, it makes sense for businesses to capitalise on them wherever and whenever they possibly can, and it is certainly no different when it comes to Pokémon Go. Below, we take a look at some of the clever marketing strategies and tactics that particular establishments have put into place in an effort to make the most of the opportunities provided by the app.


Steers turned to the Pokémon Go craze with the objective of raising awareness about the franchise’s Blazing Onion Combo. Along with this, the establishment has also been setting up lures all over the country, often leading to great success and better turnover.


Beerhouse capitalised on the fad, drawing patrons in with the promise of free drinks if they were to sing the theme song or catch a Pokemon within their establishment.


While this might be attributed more to luck than to strategy, Croc World has also been reaping the many benefits associated with the game. Staff members at the long-standing centre were wondering what was responsible for the increase in the number of visits over the last couple of weeks, when they eventually discovered that the centre is actually home to five Poké stops, as well as a Poké gym.
“We were extremely surprised to notice that we were getting a lot of people coming to Crocworld because of Pokémon Go. We had people visiting from Durban, Merebank, Margate, Pietermaritzburg and even a father and son stopped in on their way to Johannesburg. These are people who wouldn’t necessarily have visited the centre without the Pokémon attraction,” said Martin Rodrigues, the centre manager.


Did you know that it is now possible to play Pokémon Go for charity – animal shelters and rescue groups, in particular? While this feature is not yet available in SA, it hasn’t stopped local charities from making the most of the craze. Recently in Port Elizabeth, meet-ups have been paired with aid drives for local animal charities, all in the name of Pokémon Go.

What Can We Take from This? 

The last couple of years, the trend was to spend hours indoors either playing video games, surfing the net or watching TV. Either way, there was very little encouraging people to actually get out and do stuff. Enter Pokémon Go.

The app has led to people of all ages exploring new places that they have never been before and, as a result, encouraging others to visit these places too. Ultimately, it seems as though the popular game is doing wonders for local tourism and businesses of all types and sizes.

Do you own a business? It might be time to get creative and cash in on this fad yourself… Do it right – get in touch with Decimal Agency for advice and a fool-proof strategy for success.

Thursday, 25 August 2016
Posted by Bianca Delport

The Benefits of Billboard Advertising

As they say, “go big, or go home”… and, let’s face it, you don’t get much bigger than billboard advertising, do you? Below, we discuss the four main reasons as to why, should budget allow, billboard advertising should be a part of your overall marketing strategy; and how it will assist you in maximising your reach, creating brand awareness and establishing a favourable reputation amongst those who matter most – your potential clients.

A Constant Reminder

When opting to take advantage of billboard advertising, you are usually required to take out a contract (generally spanning between 3 and 12 months) that solidifies your billboard ad’s position for a specific period of time. This provides you with the opportunity to ensure that you always remain top of mind. Considering the fact that most people travel the same route every day, the opportunity to maximise on brand awareness is massive – and well worth the cost of erecting the billboard ad in the first place.

Immediate Respect

Seeing as though smaller businesses often cannot afford to invest in billboard advertising, the immediate subconscious response that someone has when he or she sees a billboard ad for the first time is that the company in question is successful, profitable and reputable. As a result, the ad will generate immediate respect for your brand, regardless of whether the viewer has ever heard of it before or not.

Simple Targeting

It is easy to target specific people, especially in terms of location, when it comes to billboard advertising. This means that you attain great value for money as you are able to ensure that your message reaches those who are most likely to make a conversion further down the line.


When compared to other forms of advertising, such as magazine advertising where a person can simply flip past your ad without a second thought, billboards are pretty much unavoidable. Therefore, if it’s attention that you want, billboard advertising is where to get it.

Ultimately, while it can be an expensive exercise, billboard advertising is a wonderful way in which to boost your brand from all angles.

As Bill Bernbach once said, “Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make”. What better way to make an impression than with an extraordinary feast for the eyes? With a snapshot look into your brand, its quirks and its value? With a gorgeous, larger-than-life billboard ad?

For more information on billboard advertising, digital strategies, social media marketing and more, be sure to get in touch with Decimal Agency.
Thursday, 18 August 2016
Posted by Bianca Delport

Marketing to Millennials: What You Need to Know

If nothing else, every marketer knows that the key to ensuring the success of a campaign is to understand one’s target audience inside out. Below, we highlight a few suggestions for mastering the art of marketing to Millennials – the incredibly diverse, vibrant generation of people born between the years of 1977 and 2000.


The main reason why nostalgia marketing has proven to be so successful in recent times is due to the fact that it elicits emotions within the target audience by tapping into memories and encouraging the development of a sense of familiarity. As content marketing has demonstrated, this is the best, easiest and most effective way in which to connect with an audience – and it is also, arguably, the most successful approach used by both local and international brands, big and small.

If you have yet to hear about or get in on the action regarding the Pokemon trend revival, thanks to the Pokemon Go app, then you have been living under a rock. This is just one good example demonstrating that one of the best ways in which to market to millennials, and actually connect with them, is through nostalgia.

Keep it Personal

Nostalgia marketing works so well because every single person who connects with the content/ad/video feels as though the content/ad/video etc. was created especially for them. This is the real secret to marketing to millennials. Along with personalised visual and copy elements when it comes to marketing material, consistent and regular interaction with one’s target audience is also incredibly important. Whether this is in the form of replying to comments via social media, asking for followers’ opinions on already-existing products (as well as on possible future product creations), chatting to website visitors who are looking for assistance via live chat, or sending out personalised emails, that special touch is always the most successful secret ingredient.

It’s All about Substance

Traditional marketing methods that focus predominantly on creating brand awareness through punting products or providing information about them are all well and good, and are still considered a valuable aspect of any marketing strategy. However, what is really going to make an impact on Millennials, in particular, are inbound marketing efforts that provide the reader with real substance and useful information that does not necessarily speak about the brand or the product itself. Blogs, e-books and interactive infographics are all excellent examples of this.

In short, if you are to market to millennials, and succeed in doing so, you will need to start looking at each member of your target audience as an individualistic human being with needs, wants, preferences, expectations and personality; as opposed to a generic entity that is going to invest in your products or business as long as you bombard them with everything to do with your brand.

It really is as simple as that.
Thursday, 11 August 2016
Posted by Bianca Delport

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