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Coffee Culture

The majority of us on planet Earth are coffee drinkers, whether it’s an odd cup here or there, a once a day cup or the endless I can’t get enough umpteen cups. There is nothing better really than the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Most of the population cannot physically function until they’ve had that first uplifting sip of coffee of the day.

It’s been said that the origin of coffee can be traced all the back to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian Plateau. Founded by a young gentleman who herded goats and found them to have a quite a taste for these strange berries which also gave them bounds of energy. The young man spread word to his monastery and from there the knowledge of the energizing berry began to spread across the globe.

The fascinating thing about coffee is really the vast amounts flavours that one can get which all depends on the roast.  Initially the beans have a soft fresh almost grassy smell and basically no taste but once roasted they transform. The become flavourful, aromatic and crunchy…basically what we know has coffee.

Coffee represents so many different things to people. Some feel it’s the mornings best friend, others see it as that perfect social drink where people come together to network or just catch up with a good friend, ultimately coffee is best served with company.

Now that Starbucks has officially hit South Africa from yesterday the 21st April, the coffee fundies will be rushing to get their first hit of that famous Starbucks roast at Rosebank Mall, Johannesburg. Thankfully their pricing seems to be quite acceptable so you won’t have to empty your entire wallet for a decent cup of JO. The question is will Starbucks It will start giving Coffee Houses like Seattle Coffee Co. a run for their money? This obviously depends greatly on the price difference and the quality of coffee being served...guess that means we are in for a mean coffee tasting competition. Us coffee heads can’t wait!!

Friday, 29 April 2016
Posted by Tess Minnaar

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