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Networking: the simple act of making and nurturing connections with a group of people we socialise with, share resources with or who help us enhance productivity. Well, it used to be simple.

Before Social Networking, our “network contact sheet” consisted of our family, neighbors, friends and a few acquaintances we met through our cousin. If you were really high up in the business chain, it might have consisted of a rolodex containing various business cards from potential business partners you met at a networking do.

Then came online Social Networking: First AOL and Live Journal, then more complicated systems like MySpace and Facebook. Whatever it was called, it changed the meaning of “getting your name out there” completely.

Since its start in 2003, LinkedIn has become the largest Business Social Network in the world. LinkedIn boasts over 380 million users, and is growing with 2 new users each second. LinkedIn reaches over 200 countries and territories, with each user visiting the site for an average 17 minutes per visit. LinkedIn also has over 1 billion endorsements…

Sounds a bit better than a rolodex, doesn’t it…

The point is this: If your business is going into 2016 without an active LinkedIn profile strategy, then you should probably get out your rolodex and give Decimal Agency a call.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your business if you do:

  1. Finding Qualified Prospects for Your Business: By reviewing the contact lists of your current clients (and friends, if you want to be cheeky) you might find a few good leads. Ask your clients if they would be willing to forward a recommendation email to them. Minimise your client’s effort by writing and designing the mailer yourself. Not only will it grow your word-of-mouth business, but your client might also be pleasantly surprised by your emailer.
  2. Expanding Your Marketing: By using your LinkedIn profile, you have a big opportunity to increase the reach of your current marketing efforts. Not only is it the perfect platform to reach a group of individuals interested in you and your business, but it is also an effective way of building positive relationships with them. LinkedIN is an excellent communications platform, helping you keep your current and potential clients updated with your latest moves.
  3. Developing Your Contact Network: Once you are registered with LinkedIn, you can send everyone you know a personalised message, inviting them to connect with you. The personalised message allows you to remind them where you met, and how you are connected already. You can also give them good reason why building a closer relationship with you will benefit both your businesses. You can also import contacts from your other Social Media platforms, as well as your email networks. Join in on the thousands of relative discussions on LinkedIn too. This will attract attention to potential clients too, and will show them you are really interested in staying up to date with what is happening in your industry.
  4. Creating Additional Marketing Opportunities: LinkedIn offers many offline marketing opportunities. Not only does it provide opportunities for speaking engagements and media appearances, but the people who follow you will have access to your blogs, podcasts and videos - whatever other marketing platforms you can’t fit on your business card.
  5. Making Sure Your Company Website is Current and Up-to-date: In order to run a successful LinkedIN account, you need to have a dedicated team that will ensure responsiveness and interaction. You will need the latest technological hacks in order to show your followers how dedicated you are to your trade - Decimal Agency has a dedicated Social Media team that ensures your profile always looks good and is always displaying the latest news, trends and finds.

The current trend in business is using LinkedIn to find qualified, interested prospects that will be interested in your business. And visa versa… This is not about to change anytime soon, and if you want to continue to grow your business, using this powerful platform is definitely advised. Talk to Decimal Agency today about setting up your LinkedIn profile and watch your business become an online Socialright!

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