Posted by : Tess Minnaar Monday, 13 June 2016

Millennials, otherwise known as generation Y, thought to be born in the early 1980’s – 2000 are currently the biggest Target Market for Marketing, advertising and publishing. Right now they rule all Social Media networks and these platforms form a huge part in their everyday lives. But how do we as businesses connect effectively and efficiently with this generation on Social Media? We’ve got the answers…

1.       Positive Social experience:
Millennials are picky and quick to judge so you need to ensure that your product is of good quality & reliable and you have great customer service and engagement on your Social Platforms. This generation thrives on word of mouth & reviews so if your brand is seen as negative in any of the above points they will purchase elsewhere.

2.       Be Authentic:
Honesty is the best policy when it comes to engaging this market. Try be as transparent as you possibly can with your brand. When advertising or posting something about your brand Social Media Millennials like to know that you aren’t pulling a fast one on them… they will question the whether your advertising is true or false and if they find you to be dishonest they will no longer affiliate themselves with your brand. Build trust in your market through transparent advertising on Social Media and you will have loyal customers for life.

3.       Peer Purchasing:
Millennials rely quite heavily on their peer’s reviews and advice about brands. In this generation you will find that millennials will consult each other before purchasing any type of item on online. If they also view something on a Social network, you will find them tagging friends they think would appreciative this brand. So try connect with your customers via their peers this links with the overall consumer experience in point 1. Through word of mouth your brand will either fail or triumph so ensure your quality and customer satisfaction is on point.

4.       Timing is everything:
Millennials are a very proactive and live a very fast paced lifestyle. So they enjoy receiving information as quickly and effectively as possible. Everyone wants information now, so give it to them.  When posting on Social media ensure your content it precise and to the point… stay away from long winded copy, uninteresting creative and long Video’s. Millennials prefer bit size pieces of information. To the point copy, vibrant creative and quick videos where information is provided in seconds.

5.       The more Options the better:
Generation Y is all about options. Why can’t they purchase, connect with friends, read articles all at the same time. Everything needs to be one click away. Millennials are extremely digital savvy so ensure you have provided them with every little bit of information about your brand on Social Platforms, ensure they can link to online store, can contact physical stores, find your location, link to your website, send you a personal message/mail and link to all your other platforms seconds.

Millennials are the be all and end all in the social advertising scene. Never underestimate what they can do for your brand if you are able to connect with them on whole other level compared to your competitors. 

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